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Calendar of Aviation Events
Calendar of Aviation Events

Good news. Based on feedback from our EAA Chapters, we have created a completely new Calendar of Aviation Events. Please help us make this a true asset for our grassroots aviation by adding your aviation events. If you'd like to put a banner ad on your website to link to EAA's Calendar of Aviation Events, click here.

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Aerobatics Major Events
Airshow Model Aircraft
AirVenture Museum Museum & History
B-17 Aluminum Overcast Powered Parachute
EAA Chapter Meeting Rotorcraft
Electric Aircraft Seaplanes
Exhibitors Seminar
Fly-in Sport Pilot-LSA
Food SportAir Workshop
Ford Tri Motor Type Club
Gliders Ultralights
Homebuilts Vintage Aircraft
IAC Contest Warbirds
Learn To Fly Day Young Eagles Rally
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